Palanca - Palanca in the PreCursillo

Palanca in the PreCursillo

Prayer has always been the strength of the Cursillo. Since grace is an absolute necessity in the re-Christianization of the world, no Cursillo should be prepared or carried out without an appropriate spiritual task force (Palanca), both individual and collective.

For this reason, Palanca should be an active part of the PreCursillo. It is important that the prayers and sacrifices, for the work being done to select and penetrate possible environments, is continual. This Palanca should also be offered for those cursillistas who are in the process of evangelizing possible candidates. Furthermore, Palanca should be offered for the potential candidates to help ensure that nothing interferes with their plans to attend the Cursillo weekend. Excerpts taken from the Leader’s Manual, page 137.

Palanca on the 3-day Cursillo

As the original writings of the Movement states, the love of God of all Christians is witnessed during the Weekend through the Palanca performed by the cursillistas. It should be made clear that it is normal for a person to make sacrifices for others, even if they don’t know them personally.

The role of the outside community is passive and isolated in terms of the Weekend, except for its Palanca. Palanca gives witness to the solidarity of the members of the Church. The spiritual presence of these praying communities should be communicated to the Cursillistas on the weekend. It should be made apparent that it is normal for Christians to pray and sacrifice for others.

The emphasis should be on general Palanca with the outside community offering prayer and sacrifice for the community that is being formed on the three days.