Palanca - Palanca in the Postcursillo

Palanca in the Postcursillo

In the past, once the Cursillo Weekends came to a closure, the Palanca came to a closure as well. The new cursillistas are going to be leaving this cloistered atmosphere of a community centered Christ. They will be returning to the environments that they left on Thursday. They will be returning to the daily pressures and concerns that they did not have to contend with during the Weekend. In other words, they need our prayers, sacrifices, love and support more now than they did during the Weekend.

Furthermore, these new cursillistas will become integrated within the various local Cursillo environments of Group Reunions, Ultreyas, and possibly the School of Leaders. The Cursillo leaders of these Cursillo environments need to understand the needs of these new cursillistas. The leaders need to be able to satisfy those needs. All is done for the purpose of building up God’s Kingdom here on Earth. The leaders need the ongoing prayers, sacrifices, love and support of the Cursillo community. In other words, they need Palanca for the efforts they are making on behalf of Christ for the Cursillo Movement.

Palanca should not be limited to cursillistas and Cursillo leaders of a specific area. Palanca should be seen as a universal tool for the Cursillo Movement of the universal Church that we are all part of.

Excerpts taken from the Leader’s Manual, pages 139-140.

Archdiocese of Oklahoma City Cursillo Secretariat 2007