Catholic Women's Devotional Bible

* recommended by Kathe Jackson 


This Bible has the daily readings for each day listed in the back as well as reflections on women of the Bible sprinkled all through it.  Also, there are subject reflections such as, "Surrender," "Grieving," and "Conversion."  It is a great help to me. 

The Holy Bible


Revised Standard Version (Catholic Edition)

The One Year Bible, Catholic Edition

* recommended by Phyllis Miller 


I wanted to read the Bible in its entirety. So my protestants friends had a One Year Bible that they recommended. To my joy, I discovered that we Catholics also have a one year Bible. By taking the Bible one day at a time, I was able to read the Bible in its entirety. For three years I read the Bible everyday by using this Bible. I was able to not only read it through once, but several times. This enabled me to more fully understand God's Word. I always had trouble reading the Old Testament until I used this One Year Bible. It helps to know where we came from to go along with the New Testament. If you have always wanted to say "I have read the whole Bible", this is the one for you.
(It now comes in paperback (as well as hardback), which makes a great affordable gift.)