Unshaken by Francine Rivers

* recommended by Phyllis Miller


This book was recommended to me by Pat Scheer. She loaned the book to me and it is a wonderful book about Ruth and Naomi from the Bible. It is written in a novel format. But I feel like I am walking the path with Ruth and Naomi. The author uses the Bible as a reference and combines it into a novel. It was one that I became obsessed with and could not put down. Pat has read the whole series. There are five novels in all about the women of the Bible.  There is one about Tamar (woman of hope), Rahah (woman of faith), Ruth (a woman of love), Bathsheba (woman who received unlimited grace), and Mary (woman of obedience). They have titles such as Unshaken, Unvieled, etc. 


In His Steps byCharles SheldonIn

* recommended by Kacee Van Horn


One of my favorites of all time, and it's an old one, is "In His Steps" by Charles Sheldon. It's a novel, really, but it's the book where people got the WWJD phrase from. It's original copyright was 1897! It's about a town where a minister takes a look at his own faith, then challenges the town's leaders, who attend his local church, to not make any decision, or take any action, in business or personal life, without first asking themselves what Jesus would do, honestly answer, and then (this is the hard part), proceed to do just what they believe He would do. The results are amazing, some good, some bad, but it really is a great book for folks who like a good story along with their inspirational reading. Great book. Really makes you think about your own life and the decisions you make.