Snow Falling on Snow by Robert J. Wicks

*recommended by Kathe Jackson


 This book is a compilation of many of the themes of the other books by Robert Wicks. Prayer and spirituality are the main themes of the book. It is broken up into small segments so you can read as much or as little as you want. Great for meditation and contemplative prayer times!


Secrets of the Vine by Bruce Wilkinson

*recommended by Phyllis Miller


This is a second in the series with Prayer of Jabez. It is based on one scripture reading John 15: 1-2, 5-8. " I am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser. Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit. I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit. By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit."

It makes you think about how you are serving and dedicating your life to the Lord. It is easy reading but very worthwhile.


The Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson 

* recommended by Carol Semtner
* recommended by Pam Burnside


A quick read.  Mr. Wilkinson gives a lot of history as well as insight to this simple yet very inclusive prayer


It's great


Here I Am Again, Lord: Confessions of a Slow Learner by Carole Mayhall

* recommended by Lee Ann Bomhoff


Here's a quote from a book I really enjoyed titled Here I Am Again, Lord: Confessions of a Slow Learner, by Carole Mayhall:  "Blobbing is doing nothing very slowly. And sometimes we need to blob. Our bodies need it. Our minds need it. Our emotions need it. Even our spirits need it. At times we need to drop out of the race--even the human race--for a short time and do nothing. Rest. Only then will we feel God's arms of love wrapped around us and hear Him whisper, 'Beloved, I care for you.'"


The Holy Will Of God (source of peace and happiness) by Fr. Leo Pyzalski, C.SS.R .

* recommended by Rosa Maria Zapata


I would like to share the name of a book that has been very helpful in the growth of my relationship with God. 


In The Garden, a Collection of Prayers for Everyday by Marsha Maurer

* recommended by Phyllis Miller


This is a wonderful inexpensive book that I found at Sams Wholesale Club. It is a collection of prayers that relate how we live through using garden symbols. I love to garden so taking my little book to my favorite spot outside is my way of being with God. Let me give you an example of the prayers in this book.

A prayer to weed my faults:
Hoeing is hard, exhausting work. Where do these weeds come from anyway? They weren't here earlier, and now suddenly they are choking my garden.

These weeds are like the little faults I fail to see until they grow into troublesome failures, offenses that distress me and injure others. Lord, help me to recognize my defects; I want to grow Your Spirit's fruit, not my stubborn sins. Uproot my self-centeredness, my inability to compromise, my judgmental attitude, my thoughtless insensitivity. Remove my dissatisfaction, my greed, my misguided priorities. Clear the ground to make room for the growth of a patient, generous spirit. Make me the blessing You intended when You planted me. Amen.

"The worries of this life,
the deceitfulness of wealth
and the desires for other things
come in and choke the Word,
making it unfruitful."
Mark 4:19


Unexpected Answers by Barbara Bartocci

* recommended by Kathe Jackson


Excellent book about God answering prayer.  These inspirational stories show how God enters our lives and changes them from the inside out.  Prayer is all about communication and Barbara makes us understand that God always answers our prayers although sometimes His answers come in ways we aren't expecting.


When the Soul Listens by Jan Johnson

* recommended by Kathe Jackson


A wonderful guide to contemplative prayer, offering ways to find and rest and guidance in God, opening yourself to God's presence and direction.  "God is the One who keeps showing up and is always present to us, but we need to recognize that He's at the door trying to get our attention."


When the Well Runs Dry by Thomas H. Green. S.J.

* recommended by Phyllis Miller


I loved this book. And it comes in LARGE PRINT for us older folks.
I found it very easy reading. but also found I was obsessed to read it all the time. I guess I needed to read its message.

Straightforward and uncompromising, a serious invitation to "prayer beyond the beginnings" by one who reveals in these pages how serious is his own commitment to surrender to the Lord the direction of his/her life and ministry. Using the teachings and metaphors of John the Cross, Teresa of Avila, and the Cloud of Unknowing, the author develops a truly remarkable exposition of the advanced stages of prayer, leading us through our "desert times" to the " small oases" which will sustain the spirit. It is the hope of Father Green to lead others to find in the great authors on prayer the treasures which he himself has found there.

Father Green is the Spiritual Director of San Jose Seminary in Manila. He is also the author of Opening To God, Darkness in the Marketplace, and Weeds Among the Wheat.